J.M. Valdivia is an American artist born in 1986, a native to Miami, FL. His work is the result of coming to terms with his own human experience.

Through out his early formative years Valdivia became aware of his sexuality, and gender identity. At first molding himself to what he thought was expected of him. Social conduct and behavior roles became a very present part of his life. The work he would come to make would be that of questioning, removing and redefining him-self while pushing toward self-realization. Having the influence of metaphysical teachings from his father at an early age enabled him to shake the foundation of the dishonesty that he felt he must portray. His work is ever present with questions of time, reality, identity, spirituality as well as death.

The development of his work resulted from being aware of the slow process of understanding existence by observing patterns and synchronicities. He confronts the viewer by presenting opportunities for the audience to acknowledge their own purpose and drive towards self-realization. Valdivia has documented himself in exploration to dismantle his identity in various forms to grasps the many facets that creates the illusion of identity. His work channels the duality of the feminine figure, that of both nurturing and of strength. Through his subjects he expresses awareness of the similarity of his own experiences as well as the expressions and narrative mystery of sights he photographs. In this silent manner he marks his progress and finds evidence of the slow and persistent drive to live and reach the unknown.


ART GAYSEL at Hotel Gaythering:  1409 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139
During Art Basel from the 30th of November- December 4th



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