How Much Do You Love Her?

After a hiatus from photography I began to conceptualize a body of work under the influence of loss and gender roles. Trying on the several articles of clothing to cope with the concept of losing someone. Putting on the skin of another as the only available form of physical touch and comfort. This series came to be after my mother had given me a few bags of clothing; hers and my sister’s to donate. Being someone of curiosity I began to put the clothing on myself and wondered how it would be If I were to lose them at this point of my life. Having lost my father at a young age has kept the notions of death and loss on the front page of my subconscious. I wondered if I would wear the clothing from time to time not as a symbol of my sexuality or to challenge the social norms but to find some kind of comfort. Death can be an invasive event on the living that forces one to confront the passing of another. We must deal with all the remaining items a person had possessed and distribute them, sell them, trash them. It is a transfer of energy being reassigned to another like talismans from a previous owner. In essence some of that life force lingers, it puts in question the physical body and what the values in the possessions we acquire are as we experience loss and death.

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