Self Portraiture, A Narrative

“The narrative images are a depiction of my gender and sexuality. Being gender variant I do not limit myself by the commonly expected roles one should have by means of dress or behavior. The beauty of nature and what is natural is an ever-present interest of mine. It is a reminder of decay, that death is present; it is motivation to express oneself fully without the regard and limitations of others.  The phallic beer, with the relation of the androgynous character in the background is suggestive of the influence of sexuality. The self questioning and reflective process experience through time is demonstrated with the length of hair. All of which is followed with ones clear self-recognition and observation by the means of the mirror, which also comments, on the superficial aspects of queer upkeep. As well as the juxtaposition of the intimate relationship of the two subjects in mutual vulnerability. Above all is the image and figure of what he sees, desires in which is the other aspect of his sexuality. {bisexuality} ”

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